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Ultra Vision 70™

New technology to control solar heat gain

Ultra Vision 70™ is a spectrally selective window film which blocks almost half of the total solar heat, allowing you to remain comfortable whilst enjoying the light. This new technology film applied to your glass is so clear it becomes virtually undetectable due to its non-reflective appearance.

Ultra Vision 70™ rejects up to 77% of the suns infrared heat minimising the irritating effects of solar heat gain and lowering the energy demand on cooling systems. This in turn helps to reduce
CO2 emissions and reduce energy bills.

Ultra Vision 70™ differs from conventional solar films in that almost 70% of natural light is allowed to enter the building and its ultra-low reflectivity allows easy vision through the glazing, at all times.

Ultra Vision 70™ removes 99% of the damaging Ultra Violet light which is the main cause of fading, therefore protecting your fabrics, furnishings and artwork. Excessive Ultra Violet light is also known
to cause premature skin aging.

Ultra Vision 70™ has been designed to be neutral in appearance with a slight tint, providing a subtle enhancement to the appearance of any building. Ultra Vision 70™ will also help to hold glass fragments together in the unfortunate event of accidental or malicious breakage.

Ultra Vision 70™: Ultra Light, Ultra Effective, and Ultra Smart...

Harnessing the environment with the latest in window film technology Professionally installed Ultra Vision 70™ is almost visually undetectable, but you will certainly feel its affect. That is why it is so ideal for offices, homes, shop fronts and even historic buildings.

Treated windows can be cleaned and maintained as usual, and Ultra Vision 70™ is backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

Ultra Vision 70™ construction uses the highest-grade materials and industry leading production
methods to ensure a perfect appearance and enhanced solar performance without compromising natural light. Ultra Vision 70™ harnesses technology to help your environment which in turn helps protect the global environment.

Performance Data

Total Solar Energy Rejected

Solar Energy Reflected

Solar Energy Absorbed

Solar Energy Transmitted

Visible Light Transmitted 67%
Visible Light Reflected 11%
Ultra Violet Light Rejected 99%
Shading Coefficient 0.66
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (g value) 0.57
Infrared Rejection at 980 nm 77%
Glare Reduction 24%

Business - reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions

If your building uses air conditioning you may not feel you have a need to control solar heat gain. However, the fact is fuel costs are spiraling and the excessive use of AC systems plays a significant part in climate change. It has become environmentally damaging and financially costly to allow the sun's heat to enter a building, only then to be artificially cooled. Ultra Vision 70™ window film offers building managers a technically advanced and effective means of reducing energy consumption and minimising the costs of the Climate Change Levy by significantly reducing solar heat gain, thus reducing loads on AC systems. Unlike traditional solar films, Ultra Vision 70™ does not have a mirrored finish, and allows maximum daylight to enter the building. The energy savings made can pay for film application in a few years. By reducing hot spots, solar heat-gain and maintaining natural light Ultra Vision 70™ makes the workplace a more pleasant and comfortable environment, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.

Block the heat, reduce your energy requirement and let your staff enjoy the light....

Home - reduce heat gain, protect your family, protect your possessions and maintain your view

Ultra Vision 70™ installed at home provides excellent heat rejection in hot weather whilst still allowing you to enjoy your view and maximise the natural light. Ultra Vision 70™ protects expensive interior furnishings from fading and discolouration and by reducing virtually all the UV radiation, it will also minimise premature skin ageing and offer a welcome protection to those sensitive to UV light.

Block the heat, keep your interiors bright and enjoy your view....

Retail - reduce heat gain, reduce fuel costs, protect your stock and keep your customers

Ultra Vision 70™ is perfect for high street stores, art, antique and food shops by providing an unaltered view through the glazing yet providing a significant reduction in heat gain, resulting in lower AC costs. By blocking the UV and reducing incoming heat, problems with stock fade and deterioration are minimised, meaning less stock rotation or discarded damaged goods. In the unfortunate event of glazing shattering, Ultra Vision 70™ will help to hold glass fragments together, further reducing stock damage and clean up costs.

Block the heat, keep your displays looking good and keep your customers cool .

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