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Window films are the simple, cost effective way of enhancing the performance of glass. Tried and tested in the market place for decades, Window Films are ideal for countless situations, from the smallest domestic installation to the largest commercial contract.

Solar control films

Reduce solar heat by up to 77% and cut glare by up to 81%, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment, and potentially giving dramatic cost savings by reducing the load on Air-Conditioning units. Tinted and coloured solar FILMS transform virtually any building by providing a uniform, modern appearance, which will improve the image of any organisation. Recent advances in metal-lamination processes have created an excellent range of high-performance yet ‘light’ and discrete films- ideal for showroom windows, shop fronts and anti-fade for museums.

Safety and Security

Security films offer an invisible yet potentially life-saving barrier by holding glass intact following violent impacts such as terrorist attack, break-in or storm damage. In fact, security films add strength to glazing making breakage after an impact much less likely - thus reducing the risk of expensive and inconvenient replacement costs.

All safety products are tested to at least EN12600 impact tests and are available as either ultra-clear or combined as a security/solar film.

Privacy Films

We offer an extensive range of privacy films to suit virtually any requirement, from ‘one-way’ films to restrict unwanted vision of IT equipment and meeting areas, frosted, translucent films giving good light transmission but no vision- ideal for cloakrooms and glazed office partition areas, or totally opaque materials- in either neutral white, grey or black or any colour to perhaps match corporate colours. Opaque films are extensively used when a building undergoes a change of use, such as a display area becoming a storage room. Opaque films provide a solid, clean ‘wall’, costing a fraction of building works. For short-term privacy screening, Tempscreen is the ideal solution as it offers a neat white opaque finish, can be installed inside or out and is fully removable without leaving any glue residue behind.


Whether you are self-employed with your own van or run a fleet of company cars, the application of automotive films can dramatically improve drive comfort and potentially save money. Tinted films have the combined effect of reducing incoming heat, glare and harmful UV which instantly leads to lower demand on Air-Conditioning units, and significantly improves conditions for the driver - thus lowering stress and fatigue. Security automotive films provide protection to passengers and belongings by making forced entry into a vehicle extremely difficult. Tinted, mirrored and opaque versions are ideal for the backs of vans to protect contents from prying eyes and intrusion.


Many commercial and industrial buildings have glare and heat issues, but plastic roofs limit the application of 'standard' solar films. CoolKote is designed specifically for this type of surface, with typical applications including factory roof-lights and conservatory-style restaurants.

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