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Case Studies

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Fish Brothers Skoda, Swindon

The brief for this project was to reduce the glare suffered by customers in the reception area and to enable staff to work comfortably when talking to customers and using computers at the service and parts counter located at the rear of the building.

Due to the Showroom windows being laminated, an external silver film was fitted, which gave 82% Heat and Glare Reduction. The results were instant without inconvenience. Happy staff are now even more productive.

Fish Brothers Skoda Fish Brothers Skoda Fish Brothers Skoda

In2Pets, Witney

The requirement at this site was to reduce UV Rays and heat which were destroying the pet food stock and causing seeds to germinate, however the other concern was maintaining the visibility of the sponsored shop front displays.

The Neutral infinity film rejects 34% of total solar energy and still allows 65% of Visible Light Transmission.

In2Pets Pet Shop In2Pets Pet Shop In2Pets Pet Shop

Domestic Window Installation

This customers bungalow in a rural village was located next to a footpath with no privacy or security from prying eyes with dog walkers regularly passing all day. Due to the small area within, it was specified that the privacy must not compromise the light transmission as the owner occasionally used the room for Home Hairdressing.

The product chosen was the White Venetian Blind effect decorative / privacy film, which was also added to the the porch sliding doors to match the effect of the existing internal shutters at the front of the property

Conservatory Windows Conservatory Windows Conservatory Windows Conservatory Windows Conservatory Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows

Exterior Privacy Film Installation

Commercial Building Windows Commercial Building Windows

Interior Mirror Privacy Film Installation

Privacy Film Privacy Film

Domestic Film Installation

This customer had several different criteria relating to his requirements:

  1. Daytime privacy and security to hide New Plasma TV from people using footpath outside the house
  2. Glare reduction to enable Televsion and computer screen viewing, during the day especially those months where the winter sun is low and Bright
  3. Clean uniformed appearance from the outside and he did not wish to have insect harboring blinds or nets

The window film product used was Optitune 22 Dual Reflective which offers 70% Total Solar Energy Reduction and 75%Glare Reduction and yet still offers 22% Visible Light Transmission.
Note the pictures taken from inside and the true colour perception and optical purity created by this Top end product.

Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows Domestic Windows

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